Salesforce and Anaplan: Our ISVForce Partnership

Salesforce and Anaplan - Our ISVForce Partnership

It’s been more than 12 years for me in the Salesforce ecosystem – from being a founding member of their enterprise professional services team to exclusively working on the company’s top ten accounts to running a boutique consulting firm – and I have seen many partner solutions over those years. I recently joined Anaplan to manage their partnership with Salesforce because I kept hearing customers rave about the value it delivers to their organizations.

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Now, as part of the Anaplan team, I’m thrilled to announce the availability of Anaplan’s Territory Planning and Quota Management for Salesforce application on the Salesforce1 AppExchange.

This app is part of a partnership between Anaplan and Salesforce that is going to fundamentally change how companies build and execute sales plans. Anaplan combined with enables sales professionals to make real-time, data-driven decisions associated with territory management, quota assignments, commissions calculations, sales forecasting, and quote configuration. We’re starting out with the Territory Planning and Quota Management app, but rest assured, we’re working on a suite of Anaplan apps on the AppExchange for release at a future date.

What does all this really mean for Salesforce customers? enables you to execute the day-to-day of your sales and go-to-market strategies with rich data sets and automation. Anaplan complements and let’s you forecast the who, what, when and where of your sales plan and continue to optimize that plan based upon real-time insights from the field. Anaplan combined with removes a huge operational blind spot by bringing science to the typically unscientific process of sales planning and forecasting.

Together, Anaplan and is a real-time leadership decision tool

Anaplan creates an environment for truth and transparency in your sales process. Unlike the collaboration and version control issues in complex spreadsheet-based processes, with Anaplan, everyone sees the single source of truth in the living, top-to-bottom sales plan. And with Anaplan’s ability to aggregate and analyze a mountain of data, the potential of every target account can be scored and factored into quotas. On top of that, Anaplan offers the ability for field users and executives to collaborate in real-time.

Why do advanced analytics and collaboration matter? Well, advanced analytics down to the account level lets you build a far better baseline plan, and then front-line sales managers can bring their on-the-ground knowledge to create a fully optimized plan. Not only does this result in superior quotas, the whole process of how quotas are set can be totally transparent.

Our customers tell us that this data-driven transparency is game changing.

Because plans are so much better and the process more transparent, they don’t get escalated into a difficult and lengthy remediation process. Reps quickly get on with the business of selling.

Once the living plan is in place, it becomes an execution engine. Everyone gets their own tailored view of the plan and actual results are continually brought into Anaplan, so everyone can see in real-time where things stand against the plan. This one source of truth creates a basis for better decision-making and minimizes the impact of operational surprises and disruption. For example, when reps leave or are reassigned, Anaplan delivers immediate visibility to coverage gaps and quota risk that may arise. And ultimately, when your overall plan puts the right reps on the right accounts with the right targets, overall attainment goes up while overall commission payouts are contained.

Anaplan helps become a strategic asset

Anaplan creates living plans out of data that are actionable by sales ops, reps, and management. Anaplan creates a collaborative conduit for accurate, data-driven dialogue for everyone—even the CFO and CSO. With real-time sales forecasting and a robust ability to slice and dice data, Anaplan enables creation of sales goals that are actually informed by reality and not just management conjecture. There’s no black box approach here. Anaplan delivers a top-down and bottoms-up approach to optimize the sales planning cycle by enabling front-line sales managers and sales reps to have a voice in the process.

Anaplan encourages rigor and discipline in sales planning

Anaplan is like a wrench used to tighten the machinery of your sales organization. The machinery, when guided only by a top-down planning process, operates loosely, at best, because its operation relies on plans based upon multiple versions of goals and forecasts that are not based on actual data. Anaplan’s comprehensive (top-down, bottoms-up) process reconciles a company’s strategic growth goals with goals from the field by pulling in real-time data, eliminating the guesswork caused by out-of-date plans and changing conditions. The end result is accurate and predictable forecasts, and increased agility.

To summarize: Anaplan turns your installation into a planning, execution and optimization machine that closes the loop on your data and your operational insights. The results are pretty powerful. By bringing together sales analytics and collaborative planning, Anaplan enables creation of bulletproof sales plans, execution of plans with real-time CRM data, and the ability to adapt plans to disruption – on the fly.

Anaplan’s Territory and Quota application can be found on the Salesforce1 AppExchange here:

Read the full announcement around the launch of Anaplan’s Territory and Quota application here: Anaplan Launches its Territory Planning and Quota Management Application on Salesforce1 AppExchange

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