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See how DocuSign improves sales forecasting with Anaplan at Dreamforce 2016

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If you are one of the lucky 135,000 people coming to Dreamforce 2016 in San Francisco on October 4–7, you know that choosing which sessions to attend (of nearly 3,000 scheduled) is a challenge.

We have advice for sales operations and marketing pros who want to make the most of their valuable Dreamforce days: Check out,” DocuSign improves sales forecasting speed and accuracy with Anaplan,” featuring Jeremy Scheffel, Senior Director, Sales Performance Intelligence at DocuSign, on Thursday, October 6 at 1:30 p.m. at Partner Theater 4 in Moscone South. Jeremy will describe how DocuSign used the Anaplan platform to build a fast, consistent, and secure sales forecasting process that leverages data from its Salesforce implementation.

DocuSign’s story may sound familiar to those of you in high-growth, disruptive businesses: In late 2014, the company had to roll up forecasts from some 30 teams, each with its own tools and methods, to create a global forecast. The old process was reactive, slow, inconsistent, and not secure—exactly the opposite of what DocuSign aspired to be.

With Anaplan, DocuSign now has a single platform and process that spans all of its products, sales teams, and geographies. Teams now work from the same dashboards, using consistent processes, even as multiple sources and varieties of data (including Salesforce) go into the forecasts. “Sales, for us, is the heartbeat of the company,” Jeremy says. “Our sales forecasting system, inside of Anaplan…tells us our pulse.”

If you’re unable to attend the DocuSign session on Thursday, then make sure to stop by booth 2032 to learn how the Anaplan platform enables smart businesses like DocuSign to deliver sales plans on time and increase compensation and forecast accuracy. While you’re there, get one of our Dreamforce 2016 scratch-and-win cards—every card is a winner, and the grand prize is a coveted Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

To connect with our team, join Anaplan at Dreamforce 2016.

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