Startups to watch: the international scene

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Business planning doesn’t discriminate against time zones—it never stops. As a disrupter with 13 global offices, Anaplan is continuing to capitalize on its global DNA to help enterprise customers plan their businesses across dozens of industries around the world. Silicon Valley tech blog, The Information, has taken note by including Anaplan on a list of startups to watch, which highlights how international the startup scene is.

According to Steve Nellis, writer at The Information, here is why Anaplan made the list:

“The idea for Anaplan came to Michael Gould, a British software architect, in his barn in York, England back in 2006. But it wasn’t until last year that the company, which makes cloud-based software for business and financial planning, was at the point where it raised significant money. Anaplan’s customers now include big names like Hewlett-Packard, helping it do things like set quotas for its salesforce. Planning software is a fairly new category of software that has drawn hundreds of millions of dollars in venture capital and ticked off a race for big customers. Much of the money has gone to Anaplan, which has raised $150 million, and its better known and bigger rival, Adaptive Insights, which has raised a little more. Among investors in both companies have been Salesforce’s venture arm.

This sector is shaping up to get more competitive. Workday, the second largest cloud software firm by market capitalization, has announced that it will introduce a product to compete in the sector next year.

With all the bets being made around planning software, there are bound to be acquisitions or IPOs at some point. All this is sure to put the spotlight more on Anaplan.”

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