Summer ’14 Anaplan Platform Release – Usability, Reporting, and Data Integration

Summer '14 Anaplan Platform Release

We are constantly talking to our Anaplanners about bringing even more ease-of-use to the Anaplan Platform. The Summer ’14 Anaplan Platform Release is all about usability and I’m excited to share some key features.

For those of you who build models and dashboards using the Anaplan platform in your day-to-day jobs, the Summer 2014 Release aims to make your lives even easier. In fact, we want to make it as fun as possible to use Anaplan. With that in mind, I’d like to share the key benefits in this release that support improved usability for application building, enhanced reporting experience for end users, and new data integration tools.

Explore Your Data

Anaplanners tend to work with several dimensions nested in rows and columns. Doing selections on hundreds of items took longer than we liked. Now, in three to four clicks, you can break down several hundred rows of data into the few rows that you want to focus on and analyze. Once this selection is made, you can pivot your list to any axis. In most cases, the selection will be kept. We’ve also added some right click menus to make this selection, as well as setting filters and sorts, as easy as possible for you.

The dashboard is frequently used to explore data by sorting, filtering, and dragging dimensions from one axis to another. With the Summer 2014 Release, the dashboard allows you to quickly and easily focus on the items you want to see, viewing the data in different angles, allowing a better navigation through the data.

If you are creating dashboards for other users, these changes will save you a significant amount of time in building and maintaining those dashboards. Presenting the right information is easier than ever.

For those of you who use our dashboards on tablets, we have increased the usability by putting more space between the different components, making swipe gestures even easier.

Additionally, we’ve enhanced the Timeline Charts feature. We have added a slider that helps people adjust the size of the axis, for a better display of the task list.

Share Reports

Release after release, we are striving to make strategic improvements to our reporting features. The Summer 2014 Release allows you to publish PDFs derived from dashboards. Now you can build clear, visually appealing dashboards and share them via PDF with colleagues.

More Connectors!

Another goal we have is to provide as many Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) connectors to our customers as possible. The Summer 2014 Release integrates the Boomi connector. This is a tool for IT to graphically design the integration process between different sources of data. You’ll benefit from an easier design and maintenance of your data integration process.

For our customers who have very large models reaching the size of several billion cells, a set of optimizations have significantly improved the stability, efficiency, and performance of those larger models.

We hope you enjoy the enhanced usability features delivered by the Summer 2014 Release.

Coming Soon…the Anaplan App Hub Premieres September 18

To further enhance usability for our users, we have created the Anaplan App Hub. The App Hub empowers users across your enterprise to discover and rapidly deploy Anaplan apps built by other Anaplanners for specific use cases including Territory and Quota planning for sales, Strategic Planning for finance, Trade Promotion Planning, and more.

We’re still looking for more customer apps to share with the Anaplan community. Simply contact us with your model contribution and we’ll get it ready to be loaded in the App Hub. Let’s change together the way enterprise apps are built, shared, deployed and enriched!

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