Super Fast Allocations across 100 million cells in less than 9 seconds

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Recently we were reviewing our allocation capabilities with a client and they had a few questions. Until now we hadn’t thought much about allocations; they are natural to the platform, and we knew we handled them competently.

“Do we do multi-tier allocations?” Of course. “How about across a 100 million cell base?” (That is, apportion overhead costs across 10,000 products over 50 weeks and 200 branches.) That sounded straight forward to us, though we’d never tested allocations at these data volumes. It would be a simple allocation involving a 300 million cell module.

“What’s your target time?” we asked the client.

“With our current system it takes a day. Ideally, we’d like to do it in less than an hour.”

We built the module in minutes and ran the allocation test:

It took 9 seconds.

Just part of the Anaplan platform.

2 thoughts on “Super Fast Allocations across 100 million cells in less than 9 seconds

  1. think that at 80% of current Cognos Planning or TM1 users have allocations features, whether expenses split by product group or yearly amount allocated by month…. possibilities and business needs are endless. In its time, Cognos Planning breakback was not match by any other software.

    Now, that’s a very very old story. With Anaplan we enter a complete new age, something we might never had dreamed of before.

    Just imagine allocations made on paper, on Excel, on Planning, and on Anaplan.

    To illustrate this Anaplan difference, I like to say that the variance between all this tools are exponential :

    just say there is a gap of 1000 between paper allocation and Excel allocation

    from that point, there is a cumulative gap of 1000 between Excel and Cognos Planning

    and again, there is another cumulative gap of 1000 between Cognos Planing allocations and Anaplan allocations.

    Nothing mathematical in it, just a way to illustrate the variance. And I certainly under estimate by far the actual power within Anaplan.

    Many thanks to Anaplan for making it happened.

    Kind regards.

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