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[Video] Tableau eliminates hundreds of spreadsheets to simplify its sales planning

Cassie Hrushesky

Content Marketing Manager

When you factor in the complexities of multiple legacy systems, disparate geographic regions, and an unpredictable, constantly shifting marketplace, it’s no wonder the inaccuracies of spreadsheets cause the business extreme stress.

Tableau is a leader in helping businesses see and understand their data through analytics and data visualization. However, with a lot of different market segments and sales people in overlapping geographies covering many types of consumers, the company needed something more powerful than spreadsheets to maintain better control of its data. Tableau needed real-time access to its sales plan.

With the need to connect all existing applications and data, Tableau selected Anaplan to roll out sales planning and territory and quota planning. In the video below, Wyatt Albertson, Senior Manager of Sales Strategy and Planning, shares how the company eliminated hundreds of spreadsheets to simplify its sales planning process. Hear how Albertson escaped the all too familiar “spreadsheet hell” and why Tableau’s sales plan is no longer in a black box.

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