Tips from Cherwell: How to improve efficiency and accuracy of an FP&A process


At Anaplan, what we most enjoy is seeing how our customers get time back in their workday (and sometimes weekends) because they no longer have to consolidate and manipulate spreadsheets. Anaplan enables planners to work more efficiently, both within their business units and across their organizations.

Chris Friederich, Manager of FP&A at Cherwell Software, an IT service management company, shared his story of how Anaplan has transformed his day-to-day work experience and freed up time for more strategic analysis. Chris explained how budgeting, forecasting, and reporting can now be completed faster and with more accuracy since Cherwell replaced its old, manual FP&A processes with Anaplan’s cloud platform.

“In 2016, we finished our budget for the year in January 2016—and I only felt 60 percent confident that it was accurate. Going into 2017, we finished our budget prior to the start of the year, and I was 95 percent confident that it was accurate … I can honestly say that I couldn’t do my job and achieve the high standards that I set for myself without Anaplan’s solution.”

Read Chris’ full story on Upshot.

Anaplan is getting people out of the weeds of data aggregation and consolidation—and giving people time to analyze data and make driver-based smart business decisions. Check back for more personal stories of how Anaplan transforms the work-lives of people with a variety of roles and responsibilities, and provides valuable, actionable insights to business leaders.

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