Top 10 reasons you should participate in the Hub17 Hackathon


In our never-ending quest to make Expert Training at Hub17 more fun and valuable, we’re holding our first global Hackathon this year. Inspired by the hackathon we co-sponsored with Louis Vuitton last summer, the Hub17 Hackathon will pit teams of Anaplanners against each other to build an amazing Anaplan app in just one day. If you are an Anaplan model builder this is something you can’t miss.

With apologies to David Letterman and listicle writers everywhere, we present:

Top 10 reasons you should participate in the Hub17 Hackathon

  1. You have already taken every Anaplan training on Earth
  2. You’re a Master Anaplanner looking to show off your skills
  3. You want to see other Master Anaplanners in action
  4. You have great ideas that you want to build out in Anaplan—but you can’t find an excuse to do them at work
  5. You want to meet other Anaplanners who are as passionate about building as you are
  6. You want to explore the most advanced capabilities of the Anaplan platform
  7. You want to learn about building in Anaplan from people who do it every day
  8. You don’t know what a hackathon is, but you want to find out
  9. You’ve always wanted to be a hacker … legally
  10. You like sweet prizes

We have a few simple rules: You can plan and brainstorm ahead of time all you want, but you must build your app on-site at our Hub17 Hackathon. You have to be open to new ideas and ready to work with a diverse team that will be chosen the morning of the hackathon. And most importantly, you must promise to have fun while you let your creativity and skills shine!

Apps will be judged by a group of customer success experts based on three criteria:

  • Impact. Would the application have real social impact? Can it change the world or at least help someone in your community? Does it solve a real problem?
  • Innovation. Is the solution novel? Does it solve a problem in a creative or never-seen-before way?
  • Technical achievement. Did the participants solve a difficult technical problem? Did they get a working demo completed within the allotted time?

As for those sweet prizes, you’ll have to show up in San Francisco to find out what we’ve got for the winners.

If you’re ready to compete, then when building your Hub17 agenda add Expert Training and select Hackathon. See you in San Francisco on March 27–29. Learn more.

Like any good hackathon, this list would be nothing without a team. Thanks to Rob Mahlum and Rodney Piepho, my support agents and hackathon mentors, who contributed to this list.

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