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Hi everybody and welcome to Anaplan,

I am Guy Haddleton, CEO of Anaplan and its brilliant to be back in the industry with ‘The Team’ after a few years of R&D. I returned to the business modeling and planning industry because I saw that both the technology and vendor business models remained locked in the 1990s; SaaS might have come of age, but at a fundamental level the ‘new’ enterprise solutions are just old technology models on a hosted platform.

These SaaS point solutions are generally reincarnations of the old … inflexible, weeks (months) of implementation, enterprise sales models, expensive and building silos in the sky. But their essence is the same; taking a single spreadsheet based business process and trying to build a point solution around it. Cloud based – but still more Silos; this can’t be the future.

Neither is the 30 year old spreadsheet which has turned a generation of analysts into programmers. In over a decade of unprecedented technological advance, business modeling systems have missed the boat. The business problems of the mid-90s remain the same – scattered silos, lost zip files, versioning nightmares, the same expensive, drawn out implementation process. There has to be a better way.

Our goal was simple – to throw out the status quo and create an entirely new user paradigm in terms of how she gets started, buy and consume. Take Web 2.0 usability and time to value; add to this a rich, scalable, cloud modeling platform less all the absurdities of current enterprise systems and then layer on top an application architecture permitting natural connectivity across all applications.

Today, we announce our first App Series – Forecast 360 for salesforce.com customers; I look forward to hearing from you about your experiences.

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