What’s new Anaplan’s May 2011 release

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We’ve upgraded the Anaplan Platform for May 2011.

We’re excited to let you know about the latest Platform release which includes some changes to the user interface of the Anaplan Platform making it even easier to use and navigate.

Key changes to the Platform include:

  • Model tab merged: the model tab is now gone and ‘Module Blueprint’, ‘Create Module’ and ‘Functional Areas’ have been combined into the Settings tab;
  • Home tab: changes enable you to open multiple modules in a category, close all open modules and views by clicking a single link;
  • Mixed Timescale: modules in a model can now have a main weekly timescale and line items can have a daily timescale;
  • Import: use Pattern Matching for Dates;
  • Rank: The Rank() Function; rank any numeric variable in descending or ascending order;
  • Bulk Delete Dialog: appears for all deletes except Users and Model.

This update continues our mission to reinvent Business Intelligence making Anaplan an even better Platform for our customers and partners. We hope you enjoy using the new features.

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