What’s New in Anaplan – August 2012

Hot on the heels of the last release comes another set of great new features for you in August 2012. Below is an overview of the new features now available but to view the full release notes, go to the What’s New page in the Anaplan Community.

New Features

  • Filter extensions: Filter is now available on the current page and a remote line item.
  • Module grid improvements: Now undock tabs by double clicking, floating (undocked) windows can be re-sized, the current row and column are now highlighted in the grid, and a confirm dialog can now be shown when pivoting.
  • Formula editor improvements: A button now appears when you are in formula edit mode with a tooltip showing which Line Item and Module is being worked on.
  • Settings tab improvements: An Item count for Lists is shown, and the Model blueprint can now be exported.
  • Salesforce import now uses fixed options rather than url.
  • Models can be imported from another workspace.

Visit the What’s New in August 2012 page in the Anaplan Community for full details and screenshots of all of the features listed above.

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