What’s new in Anaplan – December 2011

We’ve been pretty busy over the last month and we’re very excited to showcase our latest features including full support for iOS and Android, new Dashboard features, significant improvements to Import & Export, new modeling features and even more calculation functions.

For an introduction from Simon Tucker to the new features, read the full release notes in the Anaplan Community.

Key changes to the Platform include:

  • Full mobile support (iOS & Android): Now enjoy Anaplan on your iPad/iPhone & Android devices. Access your mission critical Anaplan data wherever you are.
  • New Dashboard & List Collaboration Features: Lists published to dashboards can now be fully edited and security access to lists can be configured with ‘Selective Access’ (Read, Write) for end users. Now the community can truly collaborate not just with data but with lists and roll up’s too.
  • New Import Features: New features include automatic import mapping with data preview, a new option for importing with time on columns when there is no header row, and automatic detection of data separators and delimiters.
  • New Export Features: New features include the option to omit empty rows from Export, the option to export in csv format, and a helpful message if exported Line Items include a character that is not allowed as a tab name in Excel.
  • New Calculation Functions: New calculation functions include Comparison Operators for text, COMPARE (compares 2 text items) and TEXTLIST (makes a list from text).
  • New Modeling Features: You can now insert items on columns – either Line Items in the module, if that’s the way the view is shown), or items in general lists. Also, if there is a subsidiary view on columns, this is now indicated by the “eye” symbol.

If you’ve got something to say about the release, let us know on the Anaplan Forums where you’ll also find the full release notes.

We hope you find the new features helpful and we look forward to bringing you more exciting updates in next month’s release. Have a wonderful holiday season from all of us at Anaplan.

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