What’s new in Anaplan – Jan 2012

Welcome to the first Anaplan release for 2012 packed full of more great features from the Anaplan development team. These include end-user imports; the addition of a more comprehensive “Actions” tab in Settings to house processes, imports and exports;  the Anaplan API can run an Action, and import fields from Salesforce are now customizable. Enjoy!

Key changes to the Platform include:

  • Actions on the Settings tab: The Settings tab now has an “Actions” entry on the left hand list, which has several sections – Processes, Imports, Exports, & Other Actions.
  • Anaplan API can run an Action: Import, Export, and Delete Actions can be run via the API.
  • End User Imports: An import into Anaplan can now be run by an End User.
  • New Export Features: Export can omit empty rows based on a Line Item –  there is a new rule for Module Data Export which exports rows according to whether a control boolean Line Item is true or false.
  • Further Salesforce Customization: Import Fields from Salesforce can be customized – the fields loaded from your Salesforce data source can now be set to include only the fields you need.
  • New Calculation Function – FIND(): The FIND() function returns a number, being the offset of find_text in within_text, starting at index position start and is another great addition to the calculation functions built in to Anaplan.

We’d love to hear your feedback about the release – let us know on the Anaplan Forums where you’ll also find the full release notes.

We hope you find the new features helpful and we look forward to bringing you more exciting updates in next month’s release.

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