What’s New in Anaplan – July 2012

We released another scorching hot set of new features at the end of July. Below is an overview of the new features now available but to view the full release notes, go to the What’s New page in the Anaplan Community.

Modeling changes:

  • Model Management Dialog – new format: the Model Management dialog now has a Status tab enabling users to cancel tasks.
  • Time. All Periods: The new Time axis option “All” has been renamed “All Periods”.
  • Filter on Nested Dimensions: A grid can now have a filter applied on a dimension that is nested.
  • Selection on Pages: Pages can have a selection applied in the same way as a selection can be applied to rows or columns.
  • New Calculation Function – ISFIRSTOCCURRENCE: The function returns a boolean indicating if a value in the source (first parameter) is the first occurrence of that value within the source.

Charts & Dashboards:

  • Dashboard Page Selectors: The Dashboard page selector dialog for each grid widget now has more options.
  • Chart Improvements: Trailing zero values are now suppressed on a line chart.

Import & Export:

  • End User can run Model-to-Model import: Now End Users can run a Model to Model import that has been set up by the Workspace Administrator.
  • Import has option to set decimal separator: The “File Options” dialog for List Import or Module Data Import has a new option to set the decimal separator. You can choose “Dot” or “Comma”.


  • Single Sign On: SSO allows user authentication by a third party server so access to Anaplan can bypass the normal login screen.

We hope you find the new features helpful and we look forward to bringing you more exciting updates in next month’s release.

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