What’s New in Anaplan – June 2012

We’ve updated the Anaplan Platform for June 2012 and it’s packed with more great features. Exciting additions include Simple Selections, improvements to Dashboard Charts, Model Blueprint, new Process functionality, importing and exporting Version names, and an update to Anaplan Connect.

Key changes to the Platform include:

  • Simple Selections: Rows and Columns in a module grid can now be hidden to simplify the data view.
  • Dashboard Chart Improvements: Charts on the Dashboard now have extended placement and display options for the Legend and Data Labels.
  • Model Blueprint: A Blueprint view of the Model now shows all Line Items and their formulas.
  • New Process Functionality: A Process can now include an import from Salesforce.
  • Version Names Import and Export: This works in the same way as import from a text file in other areas of anaplan.
  • Anaplan Connect (API) update: Anaplan Connect has new options that allow a Process to be run.

We hope you find the new features helpful and we look forward to bringing you more exciting updates in next month’s release.

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