What’s New in Anaplan’s July Release

The July 2011 release of the Anaplan Platform is now live. In this release, we’re excited to bring you an even richer experience with some great new features.

Key changes to the Platform include:

  • Show History: displays the history of changes to a model. It lets you see what the change was, who made that change and when that change was made;
  • Manual Import Mapping: manual mapping on the import allows you to manually select which items in your source match to which target items in your module;
  • Export for Standard Users: a non admin user is now able to export module data. This respects what selective access settings are set, so the user can only export what they can view in the module;
  • LOOKUP on Date: The LOOKUP function has been extended to allow lookup by date mapping;
  • RANK on Date: the RANK function has been extended so it may now also be used on any date variable as well as a numeric one.

We hope you enjoy using the new features and look out for some great new functionality being released next week…

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