Wimbledon Predictive Scorecard; an ace app to love

Wimbledon Predictive Scorecard; an ace app to love

Since tennis turned professional back in 1968 only three winners of individual titles have been British – Anne Hayden-Jones (1969), Virginia Wade (1977), and Andy Murray (2013). The rest of the world probably looks at this record with a certain amount of derision. But when you consider that the UK has just 21,000 outdoor courts (compared with 270,000 in the USA) and 1,645 indoor courts (compared with over 9,000 in France), you will see that it is actually a respectable achievement. And with Andy Murray back at the top of his game again, he could well be revelling in a second singles title at the end of this year’s Wimbledon championship.

Most likely you don’t give two hoots whether he wins or not, and will be rooting for your own favourite. To help you track their progress, Matthew Evans and Eoin Casey from our partner Bedford Consulting have used the Anaplan platform to develop a Wimbledon Predictive Scorecard which lets you pit any of the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) Top 100 players against one another and analyse their predicted performance based on key indicators.

Briefly this is what you can do:

  • Use match data from the top seeds’ last 52 matches to calculate the likely winner.
  • Analyse important statistics such as match win percentage, dominance ratio, first serve points, and ace serves.
  • Use the interactive dashboard to check on the individual player’s ATP world ranking and drill into the underlying data on which the comparisons are made, slicing and dicing the data by court type and seeding as shown in the screen below where the recent performance of Rafael Nadal is being compared with that of Roger Federer.
  • Keep the app up to date by importing the latest results.

Wimbledon 2015 Predictive Scorecard App

Sounds to me like just the thing to have opened on your tablet while you are watching some of the games over the coming days. Click here to find out more, watch a demonstration, and download this free app from the Anaplan App Hub.

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