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Join the Team! York-based Anaplanners gain a new hobby and rush of excitement at a track cycling session

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There is one sport in particular that I couldn’t wait to watch in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio—the track cycling! The sport requires concentration, speed, and athleticism, and takes place in specially-designed velodromes. I’ve been hooked ever since I attended my first track session at the Manchester Velodrome, and wanted to share my passion for cycling with my Anaplan colleagues. Anaplanners in our York office frequently participate in a wide variety of team-building activities, from running races, lunchtime gym sessions, and the Micklegate Run Soap Box Challenge, so I thought this would be just perfect!

I organized a ride at the York Velodrome at York Sports Village in Heslington. Luckily, enough people were up for giving track cycling a try and, within a few days, we were ready to book our session with track cycling coach Rob Stanley.

On the day of our hour-long session, Anaplanners arrived early to get their rental bikes, make sure they were happy with the setup, and prepare to ride. After an informative introduction from Rob about the practicalities and safety aspects of riding a fixed gear bike on the track, we were soon riding around in the sunshine.



All of the Anaplanners who participated did brilliantly. They did so well that they all progressed to level two in the track accreditation process! We challenged ourselves in new ways and were able to try our hand at a new sport as a team. I’m already looking forward to getting Anaplanners on the track again in September.

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