capital expenditure planning

Capital Expenditure Planning
Maximize the return of your capital spending with tighter control and deeper insight

capital expenditure planning
Go beyond submission and approval management
Manage the solution yourself
Calculate in real-time for quicker insight and improved productivity
capital expenditure planning
Unlike other capital expenditure planning solutions, which are typically limited to working with highly aggregated data and focused on the approval process, Anaplan can do so much more. You can build highly granular models to assess how assumptions that underpin complex projects impact their financial viability.
The Anaplan platform was built with ease-of-use as a top priority with easily managed dimensions and hierarchies, simple rule writing in native syntax, and built-in planning intelligence so that you can quickly build and maintain models yourself—without having to rely on IT or other expertise. You can rapidly restructure models to keep them aligned with changing corporate structures and update cost of capital, depreciation methods, asset categories, taxation rates, exchange rates etc. You can even build models for analyzing the sensitivity of more complex capital expenditure planning projects.
Anaplan’s in-memory calculation engine enables immediate changes to models, such as adding members into various hierarchies or adjusting operational or financial assumptions. Unlike other solutions that use time-consuming batch models, you can quickly run through various iterations to assess how they impact a project’s financial viability.