Enhance your GTM with better decisions

Success in sales isn’t one decision; it’s the web of decisions sales teams make every day. At CPX, sales leaders, sales reps, and sales ops experts gather to share insights and learn about the power of Connected Planning for Sales.

Because employees now have data at their fingertips, they’re spending more of their valuable time doing what they do best: selling our products.

Karen Han, Senior Manager of Sales Finance, Zillow

CPX for Sales sessions

Join us as we bring Sales decisions into the future.

Monday, June 10

Location: Westin St. Francis
  • Training
  • Customer Advisory Board
  • Welcome reception

Tuesday, June 11

Location: Pier 27 & 29
  • Opening general session
  • Breakout sessions
  • Expo hall
  • Afternoon general session
  • Party

Wednesday, June 12

Location: Pier 27 & 29
  • Morning general session
  • Breakout sessions
  • Expo hall
  • Farewell reception

What is Anaplan for Sales?

Anaplan for Sales gives sales leaders a single platform for connecting their people, data, and processes. It’s a single place to model scenarios, monitor outcomes, and make faster, more informed decisions.

Driving top-line growth and optimizing the sales force: that’s what we do. Anaplan gets us there.

Ian Zhao, Director, Go-To-Market Planning and Analytics, VMware

At CPX 2019, see how companies are using Anaplan for Sales to: