Plan the future of your digital supply chain

You don’t build competitive advantage in a silo; it’s a team effort. The world’s most successful supply chains are built on collaboration. Join us at CPX to learn from industry leaders and share insights with other supply chain professionals. The power of Connected Planning for Supply Chain will be on full display — don’t miss it!

We can do things two to three times quicker and more efficiently than we ever did before.

Ardy Duwel, Head of Commercial Projects, Tata Steel Europe

CPX for Supply Chain Sessions

Join us as we build a new supply chain for a new market

Monday, June 10

Location: Westin St. Francis
  • Training
  • Customer Advisory Board
  • Welcome reception

Tuesday, June 11

Location: Pier 27 & 29
  • Opening general session
  • Breakout sessions
  • Expo hall
  • Afternoon general session
  • Party

Wednesday, June 12

Location: Pier 27 & 29
  • Morning general session
  • Breakout sessions
  • Expo hall
  • Farewell reception

What is Anaplan Supply Chain?

Anaplan for Supply Chain takes a holistic approach to supply chain management enabling real-time visibility across the network, creating the ability to sense and drive demand, and facilitating a dynamic, collaborative S&OP process. Forecasts improve. Information walls are broken down. Connections are built. And achieving business goals becomes the rule instead of the exception.

It used to take us five days to react to demand changes, Now, with Anaplan, it takes us less than five minutes.

RK Del Rosario, Supply Chain Planning Manager, Del Monte

At CPX 2019, see how companies are using Anaplan for Supply Chain to:

Build a bridge between supply chain and finance

Enhance revenue

Make value-based decisions