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CNL eliminates Excel after implementing Anaplan in just 6 weeks

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Use case



Like many rapidly growing companies, CNL realized the difficulties involved in managing its planning and budgeting in spreadsheets. In an attempt to simplify, CNL implemented a legacy planning system and hired a dedicated IT specialist to oversee the complex coding and model maintenance. When the IT specialist moved on, the finance team was consumed by running the tool. The team knew that another solution had to exist with more flexibility and less reliance on IT.


After years of struggling with the complexities of its legacy planning solution, CNL sought out a new solution that the finance team could own and maintain itself. The Anaplan platform quickly replaced CNL’s former manual processes and completed implementation and deployment in just six weeks. The team hit the ground running with Anaplan in place.


With Anaplan, CNL’s finance team has gained independence from reliance on IT and now owns their models; the finance team can now easily make changes on the fly without writing any code. The need for Excel has been eliminated and CNL can manage their plans without the confusing legacy architecture. The team feels more confident in the data, and now has the ability to run “what if” analyses, driving better decisions.

Why Anaplan

CNL’s preference was for a cloud-based solution that would remove the need to install and maintain an on-premises system, in addition to providing collaboration that allows the finance team to expedite planning cycles. Compatibility with existing systems was also an important consideration because the new solution needed to seamlessly integrate with Oracle Fusion Financials and Salesforce.