PwC replaces its slow and cumbersome spreadsheet-based processes with Anaplan

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Global professional services firm PWC had an unusual challenge: reconciling regulatory shifts into financial planning and budgeting. The Anaplan platform brought transparency to the process while delivering real-time data and the flexibility to handle complex simulations. Long-term planning time was cut by two-thirds, and complicated number-crunching that formerly took days now happens instantly, enabling PWC to act and react at the same time.

Implementing Anaplan was easy. Why? Because it’s cloud-based, so you don’t have a reliance on IT.



PwC had the district challenge of reconciling regulatory shifts back into financial planning and budgeting. Even without the added complexity of regulation changes, the budgeting process was exceedingly slow due to the use of manual spreadsheets. PwC quickly realized that it was not the process, but the tool that caused problems.


Due to PwC’s complex business model, they needed a tool that would provide the necessary transparency. Anaplan’s platform provided transparency, while additionally delivering real-time data and the flexibility needed to handle complex simulations. From A to Z, the total implementation took 80 working days.


Success was immediate. With Anaplan’s platform, PwC’s long-term planning, which used to take three weeks, was completed in less than one week. With the availability of real-time data, number crunching that used to take a week can now be completed immediately, allowing PwC to “act and react” at the same time.