Riksbyggen, one of Sweden’s leaders in property management, builds stronger reporting capabilities with Anaplan

Real estate management


Managing 176,000 apartments for over 350,000 people



Use case


An all-too-common phenomenon, Riksbyggen managed all financial information between many siloed legacy systems and spreadsheets, leading to wasted hours of tedious work. Due to the lack of accessibility or visibility into departmental metrics, management reporting put executives at a disadvantage when it came to truly understanding the performance of the business.


With the Anaplan platform, Riksbyggen is now able to capture financial and departmental KPIs in one dashboard. Riksbyggen has developed a comprehensive monthly reporting of all business metrics and created unified monthly management reports with all financial, operational, sales, and customer data.


Riksbyggen eliminated that data aggregation; the activity shrank from one day per month to only a few hours per month, freeing up hours per person to analyze data rather than simply gather and consolidate it. For management, decisions are now based on a single source of information with a comprehensive, department-wide view of the business.

Why Anaplan

“With our three-year ERP implementation project in progress, I figured we couldn’t solve our reporting issues until we had this new system and process in place,” recalls Karin Jacobsson, Senior Director of Finance at Riksbyggen. “We were not actively evaluating planning and budgeting tools. But when we came across Anaplan, I knew it was what we needed and, more importantly, realized that we didn’t have to wait years to get it up and running.”

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