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Trend|Ex: Use internal and external data and machine learning to better predict what lies ahead

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Most organizations don’t account for external factors when it comes to forecasting. This is a major blindspot because according to the Harvard Business Review, these exernal factors can influence up to the 85% of business performance. The ability to predict the future lies in connecting the organisation for the short term and looking at macro economic indicators for the long term.

Introducing Deloitte’s Trend|Ex accelerator integrates predictive intelligent analytics with planning processes and tools to unlock “touchless” predictive intelligent planning cycles. It enables enterprise organisations to consider internal and external data in dynamic scenario planning to drive real business value.

Trend|Ex can assist by:

  • Running scenarios and analyzing the impact of events.
  • Flagging risks and opportunities and taking action.
  • Understanding the sensitivity of leading indicators.
  • Managing events and analyzing their impact.
  • Interfacing with any planning and forecasting tools or visualization solutions.