Deal Desk

Quickly price and quote simple to complex products and services— while complying with agreements, pricing terms, and regulations. Accelerate your quote-to-cash cycle, ensure deal consistency and optimize pricing with Anaplan Deal Desk.

  • Price and quote with confidence
  • Collaborate earlier to sell the right products at the right time and price
  • Align your deal desk process with broader business KPIs
Anaplan Deal Desk creates consistency in how deals are structured and priced by providing a workflow and approvals framework that empowers sales reps to socialize pricing with clients.

Sales reps as well as finance and operations can quickly price and quote simple and complex products and services—all the while ensuring compliance with existing agreements, pricing terms, and regulations.

Anaplan lets you understand the impact of various actionable pricing and quoting scenarios on broader business parameters such as profit margin, cost of sales, and customer satisfaction. Using Anaplan Deal Desk, companies can easily offer dynamic pricing information to find and quote the right products and services—positioning them to capture more market share and reduce selling costs.

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