Sales Forecasting

Deliver accurate, dynamic forecasts that improve decision-making throughout the organization.

Sales forecasts are the tool that drives sales-related decisions, which is why accurate forecasts are the gold standard of every sales organization. The Anaplan platform delivers them, allowing all relevant stakeholders to collaborate and report on the forecast, and to share actionable data with every level of the sales team.

With Anaplan, you can compare projections with targets, view opportunities at each stage of the pipeline, and see what’s changed at the region and rep level. Use forecast data to better allocate resources and ensure you have enough opportunities to meet your sales targets.

  • Use the modeling engine to simulate “what-if” scenarios and model deals across stages, including base, upside, and downside.
  • Analyze forecasts to find lead-generating investments and determine which marketing programs generate the most leads.
  • Drill down on data from teams, individual reps, geographies, targets, commits, and other specific components
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"What-if" analyses in minutes not weeks

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