Sales Forecasting

Deliver accurate, dynamic, and data-driven forecasts through actionable insights provided by a constant stream of data from Salesforce and other systems.

  • Gain granular insights and drive pipeline velocity
  • Model and generate accurate forecasts on the fly
  • Empower sales ops and drive sales rep productivity

Sales Forecasting from Anaplan enables companies to deliver accurate forecasts and increase win rates through actionable insight into their sales pipeline. With data flowing continuously in from Salesforce (or other systems), sales executives spend less time trying to find out what’s going on with deals and focus more on “what’s changed,” opportunity risks, and closing deals.

Sales operations can dynamically generate forecasts that are highly configured to their specific business situation in the quarter. Operations teams can perform top-down and deal-based aggregates and monitor trending on the fly.

The built-in modeling engine allows sales teams to simulate “what if” scenarios and model deals across stages including base, upside, and downside.
Sales leaders have the insights they need at their fingertips, with no more need to chase down the “commits.”

By leveraging real-time data from their entire field sales team, sales ops can now intelligently manage their resources to ensure the team is reaching their sales targets with minimal surprises. Sales executives can finally confidently commit to forecasts that match up to the CFO’s financial outlook.

Are you a Salesforce user? Sales Forecasting is also available on the AppExchange.

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