Scenario-Driven S&OP

September 14, 2022 I 11:30 CET

Overcoming supply chain management challenges in 2022 and beyond will take alternative approaches, forcing organizations to become more agile than ever before.

Join our partner, Bluecrux, to hear from their experts how to evaluate and anticipate impactful risks & opportunities through a scenario-driven planning approach allows to create mitigation plans, seize opportunities and make decisions faster.

You should learn how to:

  • Anticipate volatility through creating different scenario’s and options on how to react from a Supply perspective
  • Identify possible options to mitigate risk & evaluate the impact from a financial perspective on the organization
  • Utilize what-if scenarios within the S&OP/IBP cycle can allow the planners to quickly simulate real-time business and planning opportunities and decide on how to react
  • Improve utilization of capacity whilst reducing the cash required for operations & inventory