Join us for a day of Anaplan innovation tailored for your industry. During this exclusive event, Anaplan will share with you its platform innovation agenda and, together with its trusted partners, uncover new use cases relevant for your industry. It will also be a unique opportunity to network with your industry peers and learn from each other about your experiences with Anaplan.


Anaplan CRO Paul Melchiorre will kick-off the Financial services Innovation Day , highlighting Anaplan's journey in Financial Services and our commitment to the industry
Paul Melchiorre, Chief Revenue Officer, Anaplan
Platform Innovation
Anaplan CTO Michael Gould will cover Anaplan's agenda of platform innovations with a specific focus on specific functionalities of high impact in the financial services industry
Michael Gould, Chief Technology Officer, Anaplan
Compensation Planning and Modelling for Banking
In the banking world, regulators require increased transparency about compensation rules. Deteriorating cost-income ratios drive cost-cutting initiatives on compensation and at the same time attracting, retaining and rewarding talented professionals is a key success-factor. Banks need more agility and flexibility from the supporting technology to overcome these challenges. Learn how Anaplan's compensation modelling and planning for banking application help solve these technology challenges
Jonty Gethin, Senior Solution Consultant, Anaplan
Transfer Pricing for Financial services
As you'll have seen in the media, there has never been more focus on the transfer prices that large financial services multinationals apply. Tax authorities, regulators and internal stakeholders are asking more questions; yet many groups still execute using manual spreadsheets. As a result processes are inefficient and lack transparency. Join PwC as they talk about the art of the possible in this fast evolving space.
Steve Crook, Partner, PwC Peter Barlow, Director, PwC
Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting for Insurance
Insurance companies need flexibility and agility in the planning process to keep up with the changes in regulations and operating models in order to meet management needs. The Anaplan Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting application for Insurance combines a scalable planning and modeling platform with agile functionalities to enable business users to create driver-based budgets and simulations of an underwriting P&L.
Pierre Castelain, Solution Consultant, Anaplan
FLAOR Performance Management
Finance needs a more controllable, repeatable, and efficient rolling forecast process in order to bring more strategic business insights to senior management to enhance the business model. The current forecasting process is labour intensive and often spreadsheet based. With increasing information demands, multiple periodic forward-looking assessments and the need for enhanced analytical insights, the current forecasting process and tooling cannot sufficiently support the insurers business goals. Today’s planning is not only P&L based but also driven by the balance sheet and capital position, mainly caused by Solvency II. Therefore strategic capital planning is essential and should be in line with the FLAOR strategy.

As a result forward looking capabilities are becoming increasingly important for insurers. To be able to forecast, budget and plan with multiple scenarios is key for tomorrow’s insurer. Insurance companies are required to assess its material risks of all assets and liabilities and the accompanied capital requirements at least on an annual basis. Ideally continuously forecasting and planning capabilities are embedded within insurers, where ultimately the assessment links business planning with the insurers overall solvency needs.

Deloitte showcases its FLAOR app, which is a projection tool of the Solvency II balance sheet including Own Funds, individual risk components and P&L. Learn how the app can help embedding a robust FLAOR process in business planning, provide reliable and insightful figures and gain insights in individual risks, own funds and capital needs.

Marco Van Ackooj, Partner, Deloitte Hoa Lan Huang, Manager, Deloitte

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Financial Services Day

Thursday, 10 November

South Place Hotel