The next generation of connected planning has arrived in Singapore

On October 5, Anaplan’s Hub Comes to You made a stop in Singapore at the Shangri-La Hotel. This was the largest gathering of next-generation planners in APAC—more than 250+ attendees from the Anaplan community shared their stories and insights of how connected planning and the Anaplan platform are leading the way for digital transformation in their businesses.

Hub Comes to You was action-packed, with over 25 speakers across eight tracks that included line of business spotlights across finance, sales, and supply chain, as well as industry-focused sessions for financial services and real estate and property. The event also had a fully interactive connected planning workshop that provided attendees with the tools and frameworks they needed to be change agents within their organizations.

The morning keynote was filled with customer stories from United Laboratories, Globe Telecom, Zalora, and Estee Lauder. Executives also shared Anaplan platform innovations, as well as a live customer demo showcasing the power of connected planning and the positive impact it has created with both end-users and business executives.

Missed the event? Or just looking to recap some of the key moments? We’ve captured it below for your viewing pleasure, or get in contact with us directly to see what you missed.

Welcome and introduction

Paul Melchiorre, Chief Revenue Officer, Anaplan
Jim McParlane, Managing Director, Anaplan APAC
Bhavik Vashi, VP Customer Success, Anaplan

Driving a new age of connected planning

Frank Calderoni, President and CEO, Anaplan

Driving business advantage with next-generation planning innovations

Moderator: Frank Calderoni, President and CEO, Anaplan
Panelist (1): Ruben Stappers, Chief Financial Offier, Zalora
Panelist (2): Tony Trewhella, Partner, Deloitte Australia
Panelist (3): Joselito Diga, Chief Financial Officer, United Laboratories
Panelist (4): Suzy Urbano, Head of Enterprise Business Applications, Globe Telecom

Anaplan customer experiences

Bhavik Vashi, Vice President of Customer Success, Anaplan
Hung Quoc Nguyen, Regional Director – Demand Planning, Estee Lauder

Myths and realities of zero-based budgeting (ZBB)

Lalithlalith Nambirajan, Associate Partner, McKinsey

Connected planning in action: Customer experience live

Rommel Samson, AVP -Corporate Financial Planning & Systems, United Laboratories
Sheshadri Udupa, Regional Vice President, Anaplan APAC

Connected planning for the office of the CFO

Puneet Gupta, Head of Solution Consulting, Anaplan
Daryl Wang, Head of Change Program Office, Trusted Source Pte. Ltd

Connected planning for supply chain performance

Sanjay Saini, Vice President – Supply Chain, Anaplan APAC
Daniel Eyre, Product Marketing Manager – Supply Chain, Anaplan


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