Amsterdam | March 9 | Deloitte Office


    • 14.30
    • Welcome and registration
    • 15.00
    • Deloitte’s approach to digital transformation in the insurance sector by Marco van Ackooij, Partner at Deloitte
    • 15.30
    • Anaplan for Insurance by Bernard Wijtmans, Account Executive at Anaplan
    • 15.45
    • Demonstration “How to build a model from scratch with Anaplan” by Mark Deprez, Head of Pre-Sales at Anaplan
    • 16.15
    • How Anaplan helps AXA to connect the silos towards driver based planning across the enterprise by Tania Neuckens, Senior Controller AXA Finance
    • 16.45
    • Deloitte in action with Anaplan: ORSA Model by Hoa-Lan Hoang, Manager at Deloitte
    • 17.15
    • Q&A and closing

Join us for a stimulating afternoon session on how digital technologies – and in particular scalable, business owned and effective planning tools – can help transform your finance function to a more strategic advisor role.

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