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Impetus Consulting Group is your true partner. We are invested in the long-term sustainability of the product of our collaboration and client achievement.

At Impetus, we start each project with a comprehensive discussion about your business: your processes and technology, your quirks, your pain-points, and your aspirations as an organization. We will help you visualize what’s possible and together implement a sustainable solution. Our high-caliber team never stops listening and learning. They can address the challenges you are facing and provide realistic options. We are honest about what can and cannot be achieved. Impetus collaborates with your team, ensuring that your resources learn along the way and are equipped to maintain and build upon the solution. We are convinced that the best solution is one that allows you to focus on the things that bring the most value to your professional life.

Our partnership story

Impetus was an early Anaplan partner. In three years, we have led Anaplan engagements across multiple use cases for over thirty unique clients. Anaplan and Impetus work well together because we collaborate from the beginning of the sales cycle all the way through the end of implementation and beyond. We get involved from the very beginning to help prospects really understand the power of the platform, as well as provide them reference points against other platforms that they may be considering.

We work closely and in concert with Anaplan’s leadership, account executives, client success team, and alliance team. Impetus is committed to focusing on the Anaplan platform and considers itself a strategic and tactical end-to-end partner.

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