Anaplan Hub

Expand your Anaplan skills

Monday March 5, 2018

Join our Anaplan instructors for a full day of hands-on training. During the registration process, each training-pass holder will have the opportunity to choose from four different experiences catered to every level of Anaplanner.

102: Introduction to Model Building

Level: Beginner
Pre-req: 101: Foundations

In this class, you’ll learn about the Anaplan platform, and gain a solid understanding of the tool’s offerings by working with a pre-designed financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) model.

Advanced Topics Sessions

Level: Intermediate/ Advanced
Pre-req: 102: Introduction to Model Building

Get the opportunity to dive deep into advanced modeling. We will be offering courses around Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Center of Excellence, Model Design, and data integration with a deeper look into Hyperconnect Informatica Connector.

Anaplan Hackathon

Level: Intermediate/ Advanced
Pre-req: 102: Introduction to Model Building and 201: Intermediate Model Building

Want to improve your model-building skills and test your creativity? Teams of model builders will compete in a hands-on model build, led by experienced Anaplan model builders. All teams will have multiple modeling elements that they must use along with a team specialized function (picked at random). Great prizes and the winning title are up for grabs! Previous winners included a model to determine the optimum time to go to an amusement park and a loan shark management model.

Start Strong: Twelve Consulting’s Accelerated Introduction to Anaplan

Think you’re ready to harness data to make faster, better decisions? Join Twelve Consulting Group, the most experienced Anaplan Partner, as they walk you through the beginning of your journey. Learn the basics. Discover organizational readiness and proven strategies for success based on over 250 Anaplan implementations. Finally, gain hands-on experience with Anaplan’s Finance and SPM muscle during Twelve’s interactive workshops: FP&A-in-a-Day and 21st Century Sales Forecasting.