Expert Training

Join our Anaplan instructors for a full day of hands-on training. During the registration process, each training pass holder has the opportunity to choose from four different experiences catered to every level of Anaplanner.

102: Introduction to Model Building

  • Level: Beginner
  • Pre-req: 101: Foundations

In this class, you’ll learn about the Anaplan platform, and gain a solid understanding of the tool’s offerings by working with a pre-designed Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) model.


  • Level: Intermediate/ Advanced
  • Pre-req: 102: Introduction to Model Building

The TechLab is an interactive experience that allows Anaplanners to explore the platform in a casual, small-group environment. You will experience all four advanced topics and have a chance to get hands-on with the tool. Anaplan experts will provide help as you explore.

Topics include:

  • Model sparsity:
    Wondering what sparsity is? You’re not alone. Anaplan’s Principal Business Partner Mark Shemaria will define sparsity, explain why it can be a problem,
  • Dashboard design:
    Head of Customer Success Product Solutions Guillaume Arnaud will lead an exploration of Anaplan dashboards from a usability perspective. He will present basic usability concepts, and then learners will apply those concepts to dashboards with design flaws. Learners will also look at a business process and how a good dashboard supports that process.
  • The Anaplan Way app:
    Learn how to manage Anaplan projects using the new Anaplan Way app. Customer Success Consultant Elizabeth Schaffer will show you how to set up a new project in the app, including updating lists and setting up the budget tracker. Learners will have the opportunity to practice the set up and will also learn how to use the app to track project and budget status, and support UAT.
  • Dynamic lists and SFDC:
    Principal Business Partner Rob Marshall and Business Partner Yelena Keselman provide best practices around imports from SFDC, including creating a dynamic process that loads data to the correct location in the hierarchy and using data query tools to help determine if the data should be screened or filtered before loading.

Advanced Topics Sessions

  • Level: Intermediate/ Advanced
  • Pre-req: 102: Introduction to Model Building

Get the opportunity to dive deep into a variety of advanced Anaplan topics. Open to partners and customers.

Options include:

  • Option 1 – Application Lifecycle Management
  • Option 2 – Model Design sold out

Both options are subject to approval, pending successful completion of pre-requisites.

Anaplan Hackathon

  • Level: Intermediate/ Advanced
  • Pre-req: 102: Introduction to Model Building and 201: Intermediate Model Building

Want to improve your model-building skills? Teams of model builders will compete in a hands-on model build, led by experienced Anaplan model builders. Great prizes and the winning title are up for grabs!