Anaplan for Consumer Packaged Goods

Synchronize financial, operational, and commercial decisions to improve agility and execution

Connected Planning in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry has long served as the foundation to the modern consumer economy and is one of the largest contributors to economic growth. Competition has always been fierce in the industry—be it for shelf space or for shoppers’ hearts and wallets. Although the industry has continued to drive efficiency and innovation over the last few decades, the present rate of change is unprecedented. Fortunately with Anaplan, you connect your people, data, and plans to enable real-time planning and decision-making in rapidly changing environments to give your CPG business a competitive edge.

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The new reality in CPG

Operational and commercial models that were historically successful are becoming increasingly ineffective in generating and sustaining growth at most major organizations. A confluence of disruptive trends is forcing companies to rethink their planning and decision making capabilities.
  • Health and eco-conscious consumers
  • Rapid growth of smaller brands
  • Rise of e-commerce and direct-to-consumer channels
  • Growth of discount channel and margin pressure on mass merchants
  • Activist investors
  • Higher competition for fewer large M&A targets

The future of decision making in CPG

Anaplan provides a unique opportunity for CPG companies to transform their decision making. Our disruptive technology enables our customers to connect corporate and financial planning with key operational areas, all on a single platform.

Transform decision making with Anaplan

Anaplan’s connected approach helps customers improve revenue growth by bringing innovations to market faster, reduce trade spend by effectively shaping demand in the market and improve margins through higher supply chain efficiency.

Additionally, CPG companies can make margin-accretive decisions across-the-board by modeling the impact of market changes and gain full visibility into corporate performance by connecting operational decisions to financial decisions.

Featured solutions for Consumer Packaged Goods


Define and manage commercial targets (vol, rev, trade spend, margin) across brands, channels and customers

Revenue growth

Optimize decisions and guidelines around price/pack, product mix, and trade terms to deliver sustainable growth

Field sales

Plan and optimize capacity, coverage and compensation to field teams based on operational excellence metrics at the retail store level


Better manage the innovation funnel and bring products to market faster and more efficiently by improving collaboration and visibility

Marketing spend

Improve agility and marketing spend ROI by tying investments to the overall commercial plan and rapidly responding to market changes


Achieve the promised synergies through clear visibility to goals, investments, risks and actuals for all stakeholders from executives to cost center owners

Additional solutions for Consumer Packaged Goods

The Connected Planning difference


Adjust your planning processes and assumptions rapidly to reflect market changes such as new categories, new channels, hierarchy changes, etc.


Empower brand, customer, commercial, finance, and supply chain teams to collaborate on a single platform and make well-informed decisions.


Apply built-in statistical modeling, optimization, and advanced analytical capabilities to ask and answer “what if” questions around pricing, promotions, inventory, and more.

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See what our customers have to say

“Using Anaplan has allowed our commercial team to adapt to market changes quickly and efficiently.”

- Dave Ciaramello,
Director, Commercial Services and Insights

“Everyone in Coca-Cola wants to use Anaplan now they’ve seen the potential. We’ve taken to calling it a ‘single source of truth’ and a ‘book of record’.”

- Sarah Park, Group Director, Forecasting Centre of Excellence,
The Coca-Cola Company

“To me, Connected Planning means pulling together parts of the business that can't come together any other way.”

- Lindsey Alexander,
Executive Director, Global Strategic Pricing,
Estée Lauder

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Aligned supply chain with finance using the Anaplan platform

Bring transparency and efficiency to retail planning and execution

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