Twelve Consulting Group

Twelve’s business is to empower leaders to think strategically and act quickly. As the largest exclusive Anaplan partner, we have deep product and domain expertise in finance, sales, and operations. To date, Twelve has over 80 customers and 240-plus Anaplan implementations. Our goal is to provide our customers with design and consulting services, but we also place a strong emphasis on teaching and empowering our customers along the way. The result of this partnership is happy customers who can continue to evolve their models within Anaplan after we leave.

Our partnership story

Anaplan の独占パートナーである当社では、Anaplan プラットフォームこそがコネクテッド プランニングを達成するうえでの最良の方法だと信じています。顧客の皆様とは最初の会話からまず各社にとっての最良のアプローチとバリューを把握したうえで、各社との事業関係を深めながら社内の人材によるプラットフォームの拡張を進めていきます。