Release 2015.4

New release optimization workshop

We are continuously evolving Anaplan to be more easily configurable, intuitive to navigate, and scalable. Anaplanners can now access their information faster and easier than ever! To request a workshop for you and your team, please contact your regional Customer Success lead or

New functionality

  • New navigation panel
  • PowerPoint add-in
  • Dependent list selection
  • New advanced functions
  • Informatica Anaplan Connector

Navigation Panel


Power Point Add-In


Dependent List Selection



The New Release Optimization Workshop service is designed to be an interactive session with a senior Anaplan consultant.


One-day workshop: Dive into the education, identification, and prioritization of improvement opportunities, as well as how to design an implementation plan. Deliverables include:

  • A detailed overview of the the latest features and functionality, and product roadmap.
  • Identification of features that will provide the highest impact on your model, plus a detailed execution plan for your team to implement those enhancements.
  • Anaplan will provide oversight, with a final review completed remotely by an Anaplan Guru.

Three-day workshop: Focused on education, identifying improvement opportunities, and the design and implementation of enhancements. Deliverables include everything from the one-day workshop, plus:

  • Implementation of the high-impact enhancements with your team.
  • Remote final review by an Anaplan Guru if you undertake additional improvements.

Workshop Objectives


  • The latest Product features and functionality and what’s on the Roadmap
  • How new features can be utilized to improve your model
  • Modeling, process navigation, and dashboard design.
  • Platform optimization tips and tricks.


  • Improved usability through custom navigation.
  • Clean, logical designs for a custom user interface, tailored to your business requirements.
  • Plan to evaluate and incorporate new features as they are released


  • Reduce complexities and redundancies.
  • Support better decision making.
  • Address critical business processes.
  • Enable faster user adoption.
  • Realize business value and maximize ROI.
Time and Cost Details

User Interface Optimization workshops pricing:

  • 1 Day Workshop: $1,600+ Travel & Expenses
  • 3 Day Workshop: $4,800 + Travel & Expenses

Additional Information
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Training: Preparing for Navigation Panel (Must be logged into Anaplan)

To request a workshop, please contact your regional Customer Success lead or