Join Lisa Connolly, Anaplan’s Director of Marketing Operations, to hear how implementing Anaplan has greatly aligned the metrics, goals, visibility, and credibility of our marketing team with sales ops and sales leadership.

  • Hear how Anaplan was able to fix core measurement processes and create a cadence of reporting to keep pace with the rapid growth of the business
  • Understand how the implementation of Anaplan created new visibility and bought into light what was previously unknown, shifting the marketing team’s overall strategy
  • Get a glimpse into Anaplan’s marketing stack and understand how and why the Anaplan platform is at the heart of it
  • Hear how Anaplan’s marketing team has flipped the conversation with sales executives from “Where are my leads?” to “Let’s work on account strategies together”.
Webinar Details
Date:July 19, 2016
Time:9:30 A.M. (PST)
Featured speaker
Rowan Tonkin

Rowan Tonkin

Product Line Lead, Anaplan for Sales & Marketing, Anaplan

Rowan has spent over 10 years helping marketing teams deliver great campaigns through better planning and operational management. Rowan has worked across the customer lifecycle, from sales through to implementation, consulting, and customer success.

Featured speaker
Lisa Connolly

Lisa Connolly

Director of Marketing Operations, Anaplan

Prior to joining Anaplan, as the Director of Marketing Operations, Lisa spent over 15 years working in various different areas of Operations, ranging from Marketing, Customer and Cloud Operations. She has worked primarily in the CRM software space, moving with shift to the SaaS world working for large companies including Rational Software, IBM, Sage and Infor.

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