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The Total Economic Impact of Anaplan

The cost savings and business benefits enabled by Anaplan’s Connected Planning platform

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Leading global enterprises are becoming increasingly sophisticated when it comes to ROI analyses related to technology investments. As an executive leader, you want a complete picture of the Total Economic Impact (TEI) of purchase decisions, not just a back-of-an-envelope best guess.

Forrester employs four fundamentals in modeling the TEI of Anaplan’s Connected Planning platform: benefits, costs, risks, and flexibility. Forrester’s TEI methodology helps you understand the ROI that the Anaplan can deliver over a three-year period and gives you a framework for calculating what the return might be for your own organization.

Forrester found that an investment in Anaplan can help enterprise organizations in any industry drive efficiency in their planning, forecasting, and budgeting processes; reduce selling, general, and administrative (SG&A) expenses; optimize workforce management and headcount planning; drive efficiencies in their sales force planning and performance management processes; and reduce commission overpayment.

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