Sales planning for success in retail:
EAT, a UK-based sandwich shop, shares their story

Read an executive summary of a recently concluded webinar in which Strahan Wilson, CFO of EAT, and James Mulligan of OpenSymmetry explored how effective planning and performance can boost the bottom line. They discussed the transformational way in which EAT, a UK-based sandwich chain, changed its planning to support the company’s rapid growth. Wilson and Mulligan also discussed the latest techniques in retail performance management—including best practices for effective planning for individual, store, and regional performance.

“We had evolved a planning solution through Excel® because it was a logical place to start, and as we grew the business and added more stores, the complexity grew very apparent.

When we reached the limitations of Excel, we started going into other Microsoft products. We started going into Access and building databases, and when we realized we had reached the limitations of Access, we started going into SQL. Then we realized that each of those technologies required a different skill set—one person who can do the SQL bit, one person to do the Access bit, one person can do the Excel bit. There was no real ownership. When we realized that roughly 40 percent of our time was spent either maintaining the databases or planning within the current environment, we knew as an organization that changes needed to happen—and quickly.”

Strahan Wilson CFO, EAT
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