Excel without Excel — how Anaplan can prevent spreadsheet errors

Did you know that small spreadsheet errors have the potential to create massive problems—and in one case, may have even affected the world economy?

In this white paper, ZS illustrates how Anaplan could have prevented “Excelgate”—aka one of the biggest Excel errors of all time that is suspected of accelerating the Great Recession—with the following mindset shifts that come with the use of Anaplan and elimination of spreadsheets:

  1. Using lists and modules
  2. Leveraging automatic summary calculations
  3. Eliminating cell reference ranges
  4. Reducing or eliminating user-driven formulas
  5. Using dashboards for user input and process interfaces

Read the full white paper and learn how Anaplan— contrary to Excel—can bring transparency, accuracy, and complexity to your modeling and planning.

Download the paper