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Using commodity sensitivity to inform financial decision-making

The effects of unpredictability can be felt nearly everywhere you look; Brexit, deteriorating international relations, increasing nationalism, weather events, and cyber-attacks all keep you wondering what’s next. This unpredictability, whether it’s geo-political, technological, environmental, economic, or societal, directly impacts the demand, supply, and prices in commodity markets.As businesses focus on cost transformation within the supply… read more →

Supply chain transformation starts on the inside

Every solid structure needs a firm foundation. Without the cornerstone in place, the building will waver and even crumble. It’s the same with a connected supply chain. The cornerstone of connected supply chain is a network of people, plans, data, and processes inside the enterprise.Connecting your supply chain within your organization first is essential because… read more →

The future of connected planning defined at Anaplan Hub

In a world where disruption and transformation projects have become the norm, businesses need information to make timely decisions now more than ever. Traditional planning methods simply cannot provide the real-time view that today’s complex, global organizations need to successfully cope with change and bring agility to decision-making. This was the theme of the connected… read more →

Three signs of an inefficient forecast

Forecasting is a practice as old as time. Well, almost as old as time—its roots can be traced back to 650 B.C., to be exact, when Babylonians attempted to forecast the weather based on atmospheric conditions.In our times, forecasting has evolved into a wide range of applications that support diverse business objectives. Hotels, for example,… read more →

At Hub, many paths to a connected sales plan

Earlier this month, nearly 1,400 members of Anaplan’s community converged on seasonably-warm Las Vegas for Anaplan Hub, joining together to exchange ideas, stories, best practices, and sheer excitement about the power and future of connected planning.With so much shared knowledge in attendance, insights suffused the Vegas air like freshly-cashed racetrack slips. From the sales track,… read more →

Supply chain innovation on display at Anaplan Hub

To stay ahead of rapidly changing product demand and consumer expectations, industry-leading companies must constantly work to improve their supply chains. Whether they push the envelope by integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning or simply take steps to eliminate multitudes of spreadsheets, evolution is essential.At Anaplan Hub 2018, companies like Coca-Cola, Walmart, DISH Network, Sonos,… read more →