BetterVu was founded to bring best and emerging practices in performance management to innovative organizations seeking integrated business solutions.

How do you measure your success?

  • Significant improvement in labor productivity and utilization
  • Better decision-making based on true indications of business cost and profitability
  • Large improvements in completion time for high cadence forecast cycles
  • Better ability to build IT budgets based on true understanding of cost components and scenario planning
  • How is BetterVu different to its competitors?

    We start from specialized knowledge and speak the language of business process. Anaplan’s approach to Connected Planning enables us to deliver these capabilities in creative solutions that deliver real value and support true transformation.

  • Cost Analysis: we help clients understand the cost of operations and how to plan for the right future cost levels – what will it cost, or what should it cost. Our ABC App provides all the key capabilities of commercial ABC models within Anaplan.
  • Workforce Planning: we helped Aramark, a food, facilities and uniform services company in the US, determine the right number of workers to have at the right place and time to optimize service delivery and manage staff scheduling more effectively.
  • IT Financial Management: we help CIOs better measure their costs and communicate the value they provide to their organizations. In conjunction with our ABC model, we can measure the total cost of an entire business process (such as the cost of setting up a new customer account) to include both the technology costs of each app and the employee costs required to execute the process.