Nell’Armonia supports decision-makers with a comprehensive, expert Enterprise Performance Management offer that is in tune with today’s challenges. We are customer-centric and firmly focused on innovation and value creation.

What makes Nell’Armonia different?
Gone are the days of having to reinvent the wheel for every forecast or update formulas in lots of different Excel files: we havedeveloped a pre-configured solution for cash-flow forecasts and analysis.With our‘Nell’cash’solution, the user can manage the many cashflow rules across the board in an automated and transparent way. At the same time, they can anticipate cashflow requirements in the short, medium and long term.

All contributors use common cashflow rules with their own inductor values (DSO, DPO, etc.) or particular rules to deal with specialized tasks in their business. Everyone has all the keys they need to guide their operational investment choices in a completely secure environment.Each user has access to theirarea of responsibility and any changes made in the tool can be traced.

Working with new customers
We help our customers take into consideration their own constraints and the company’s timetable, in order to find the right balance between gaining autonomy and still having sufficient support for the teams. As Anaplan is composed of ‘bricks’that we build at our own pace, it is possible tofirstcreate an agile,proof-of-conceptthat iscompleted later.

Change management is vital. Change causes disruption for the teams, so we advise that careful attention be paid to all communications. Key users should beinvolved in the design and testing stages, so they act as ambassadors with their colleagues.