One11 Advisers LLC

One11 Advisors is an integrated professional services firm. We provide advisory and managed services for the front-to-back office strategies, processes and technology of real estate organizations within a diverse and collaborative environment.

How does One11 work together with Anaplan?

Our team of industry experts bring market experience and years of experience to deliver innovative and proven solutions to owners, builders, occupiers and operators of real estate.

Anaplan helps our clients connect data from disparate systems, dynamically aggregate it into useful information to plan their operations. Our experience is that the more clients use Anaplan, the more they find that Anaplan can be used in other areas of their business.

Case study: Real estate investment fund client

The client manages multiple private real estate investment funds and leverages a series of Excel workbooks to forecast investors’ contributions and distributions.

The challenge: Employees create new Excel workbooks for new funds but over time, discrepancies occur through multiple users. Each month, a significant amount of manual effort is made to populate and reconcile each model. Data overrides are not easily tracked and time-consuming to audit.

The solution: Currently in the proof-of-concept stage, our Anaplan solution has been able to illustrate that a standard framework can be created that will not only compute all the required calculations, but will also allow an adjustment audit trail and for the additional funds to be easily added.