Performance Model Audit (PAM)

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Discover how you can easily perform mass model audits

Our solution helps CoEs ensure that users follow the common model building rules with:

  • Common model building error analysis by model
  • Line item-level analysis of the model size
  • Error benchmarking for all models in the workspace
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PAM brings you the following benefits

  • Increased model performance by eliminating the most common issues
  • Optimization of model size after main line item-size contributors’ analysis
  • Model comparison can display the worst performing models

PAM is a separate model that gets analytics via an API and can be implemented on your workspace in less than one week.

Solution features

  • Performance management
  • Model size management
  • CoE support
  • API integration
  • Easy to use
  • Mass audit for all models
  • Model building errors displayed
  • One week for model implementation