A smart business
is prepared for change.

A smart business gives its employees the tools to foster real-time collaboration. With Anaplan, they can plan ahead, analyze performance in real time, and course-correct when needed. A smart business saves millions of dollars, freeing up capital for strategic reinvestment.

Do you run a smart business?

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A smart business has a smart planning platform.

Anaplan is the leading planning and performance management platform for smart businesses, and it can help your business in many ways by:

  • Reducing the time needed to model any new business scenario.
  • Creating a single, detailed plan that works across any part of your business.
  • Automating data collection and calculations, so you can focus on analysis and results.
  • Providing employees access to plans, results, and changes in real time.
  • Focusing analyst attention on the business rather than the planning process.
  • Decentralizing the plan to business leaders.
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A smart business is prepared for change.

A smart business provides a continuous and connected framework for making decisions—one that’s informed by collaborative planning, predictive analytics, and big data.

Anaplan is a fundamentally new type of planning and performance management platform that is built for low IT dependence and designed to empower business people in every department. Easily work together to create plans and compare performance data so you can plan ways to course-correct when the numbers are going off track.

Experience a new level of operational precision.
Make your business a smart business.