business planning software

Cloud based

Anaplan provides a fully integrated business modeling and planning platform in the cloud.


Real-time, scalable modeling and calculation engine

By tracking dependencies at the level of the line item, our HyperBlock™ technology enables updates or changes to models of any size, from one to one trillion cells, in real-time.


In-memory processing

Anaplan’s in-memory engine enables detailed planning models that utilizes all your data down to the transactional level (Product SKU, Stores, Employees, etc.) for better business decisions.

App Hub

App Hub

A growing collection of apps for common use cases are available in the Anaplan App Hub to get you started quickly. Use them as is, modify them to suit your special needs, or start from scratch and create your own.


Data integration

Anaplan offers an API, intuitive user Import/Export and pre-built connectors for common platforms like, and SnapLogic.


Multi-dimenstional planning

Build models to any level of granularity with any number of dimensions—layer in time (daily/weekly/monthly), hierarchies, relationships, and more.

App Hub


Versatility is the ability to model a vast array of processes within your business. The 120+ apps in our App Hub can be applied to vastly different sets of processes, from sales performance optimization, to financial budgeting and forecasting to call center operations. All created by users with clicks, not code.


Master repository of business rules (Living blueprint™)

Using our Living Blueprint™ technology, all your complex business rules (in natural syntax) are stored and managed in one easy to understand worksheet.


Model versions

Anaplan enables users to create new model versions on the fly. Quickly replicate models and load with data and easily track actuals in the same model as plans.



With breakback, users can set a target for a formula, and the variables that make up that formula are changed according to the rules specified.


Dynamic scenario building

Anaplan delivers strategic advantage with fast, easy creation of dynamic scenarios with time, version, and list dimensions.


User access control

Anaplan enables flexible role-based security levels for user types. Audit trail, model restore, and selective user access make it possible for analysts to safely and simultaneously collaborate on common models.


Collaborative workflow

Monitor status and approvals with a collaborative workflow that streamlines top-down target allocation and consolidation of roll-ups from the field. A robust audit trail ensures that changes are easy to track.


History and revision control

Our robust audit trail ensures that changes are easy to track and revert. See a history of users and changes and roll back to earlier versions.


Central data repository (The Anaplan Hub™)

Anaplan delivers a central repository—The Anaplan Hub—to reconcile various sources of data for clean, reliable hierarchy, and master data (products, employees, cost centers, etc.) accessible to analysts around the enterprise.


Data synchronicity

Anaplan dynamically synchronizes data across connected plans—automatically aggregating and identifying discrepancies for real-time consistency.


Intuitive modeling interface

Business users can use familiar business syntax, drag-and-drop hierarchies, and built-in logic for time, versions, and scenarios. With Anaplan there are no technical barriers between you and business insights. No reliance on IT for business rule adjustment, model creation, or changes. No more scripting or broken cell references.

business planning software


Anaplan is fully supported from any mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows) so you never have to be disconnected from your data. Users can access plans anywhere, anytime.


Dashboards and reports

Anaplan has variety of publishing features including dashboards, charts, PDF generation, and a tightly integrated MS XLS plug-in. Share insights with the field, enable management to do their own scenario analysis, and create stunning executive packs.

Security & Uptime

Availability and reliability

Anaplan invests heavily to provide the highest levels of availability, reliability, and security. Redundant data centers and rigorous processes for back-up, failover, and disaster recovery comply with or exceed all major industry standards.  Anaplan delivers constant uptime so that your business critical data and plans are safe and accessible at all times. Read more on our Security page.


Application security

In addition to secure data centers, Anaplan provides complete application-layer security including data encryption on-the-wire, secure authentication protocols, and robust access control and authorization for managing user rights. We also use leading security firms to conduct regular penetration testing.