Anaplan Announces Availability To Uk Public Sector Via G-Cloud 4

Anaplan Announces Availability To Uk Public Sector Via G-Cloud 4

Anaplan’s business modelling and planning platform on the latest iteration of the Government programme

London – December 4, 2013 – Anaplan, the leading business modelling and planning platform for sales, operations and finance – has today announced the availability of its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering on G-Cloud 4 – the newly announced iteration of the UK Government’s programme. The G-Cloud Framework provides public sector organisations with access to cloud-based digital services ‘off the shelf’, allowing companies to avoid expensive and ‘locked-in’ contracts and encouraging cost-effective, innovative solutions.

“In recent years, the adoption of the cloud has risen dramatically across the board and is increasingly recognised as a powerful business enabler”, said Ian Stone, UK Managing Director at Anaplan. “The G-Cloud programme has had great success in encouraging cloud take-up within the public sector, where the reliance on legacy IT has traditionally been a challenge. Offering Anaplan via CloudStore, enables more organisations to benefit from innovative modelling and planning solutions that turn vast quantities of data into business advantage.”

Anaplan’s cloud-based platform creates a hub for company wide planning and modeling – from finance to HR to operations. The SaaS solution empowers individuals to rapidly respond to changing circumstances and allows them to gain instant insights into ‘what-if’ scenarios. Anaplan’s cloud-based platform is built on a patented, in-memory HyperBlock calculation engine that delivers unparalleled immediacy, flexibility, and scale.

Stone continued: “By working with Anaplan, public sector organisations will have the ability to more accurately and efficiently report, plan, forecast and compare predictions with actual results. With these capabilities, the UK Government will be able to see how projects are progressing, and continuously align people, plans and spend to meet business needs.”

Organisations like McAfee, Pandora, HealthTrust, Aviva, Amcor, and Kimberly-Clark Eastern Europe are using Anaplan to stay ahead of critical business events, rapidly model potential impacts, and course correct on the fly.

About Anaplan
Anaplan is disrupting the world of business modeling and planning. We built our platform from the ground up to empower companies to plan, collaborate and act—in real time. Stay ahead of critical business events, rapidly model potential impacts and course correct on the fly. With Anaplan’s cloud-based platform, you can continuously align your people, plans and spend to your market opportunities. Anaplan is a privately held company, headquartered in San Francisco, CA with global offices on four continents. To learn more, visit Join us on twitter: @anaplan

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