profitability analysis

Profitability Analysis
Improve the accuracy of your allocations without any extra effort

profitability analysis
Build and maintain models without outside help
Improve the detail and accuracy of your profitability analysis reporting
Move from simple apportionment to cause-and-effect allocation
profitability analysis
Anaplan’s flexible hierarchy management and intuitive rules means you can easily configure and manage changes to the way you want to make allocations without having to call on outside assistance. Using our built-in intelligence, it is easy to roll up results to deliver profitability analysis reporting across different dimensions and alternate hierarchies.
Anaplan’s ability to process masses of data without any performance deterioration makes it possible to build cost allocations down to individual SKU or customer level. Results are not just more accurate but provide more actionable insight into variances. Regardless of how detailed your allocations become, you will never have to wait for results and queries to be processed.
Anaplan’s ease of data integration enables you to build allocation rules using any data from other applications in Anaplan or by loading data from transactional systems. That way you can select the driver that best reflects how a subsidiary, product group, or customer segment consumes each item of expense – making results far more accurate than simple apportionment.
Global Manufacturer of Consumer Packaged Goods / $21B in Revenue
Consumer packaged goods manufacturer was able to connect its data in a single model and cut forecast time in half with Anaplan’s profitability analysis. Replacing on-premise EPM and spreadsheets with Anaplan, the company runs highly complex rolling forecasts across twelve regions down to SKU level. Category managers now have control of flexible product hierarchies. The company’s forecast turnaround has been reduced from one month of late nights and weekends to two weeks of standard working days.